Montemaggiore Village

Montemaggiore in its name recalls the importance of its past as a vantage point overlooking Siena, only 20 km away.

Palazzuolo Vecchio

Palazzuolo Vecchio Village

Palazzuolo Vecchio village rises on the ruins of a castle, located in the province of Arezzo, destroyed by the Sienese army in 1100 AD.

Cortinova - Marrocco

Cortinova Marrocco Village

The Cortinova – Marrocco village, in the past used a vantage point, is located in province of Siena, from which it is just 15 km away.


Villa Stroncoli

Villa Stroncoli

Villa Stroncoli represents the real Tuscan dream, a magnificent house where privacy and quietness will be at the heart of your experience. The villa can be reached by using 2 kilometres unpaved, although well-maintained road, that will lead you to an exclusive spot, with no buildings in the surrondings. The view is charming and unforgettable.

Palazzuolo Vecchio

Villa Le Tornaie

Villa Le Tornaie has Roman origins, and has been refurbished by keeping its beautiful “pietra serena” façades untouched. The Villa, just 800 metres away from Palazzuolo, overlooks its own vineyard, and it is surrounded by a lovely garden and an ancient forest.